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Comfort ward

We are now not only able to offer our patients highly specialised doctors and medical treatments of the highest scientific standard, but also the chance to stay here in style. For more Information klick here.


We offer medical know how at the highest scientific level in our five clinics in Berlin. Informan yourself about: Medical check up, mammary centre, vascular diseases, gynecology, child orthopaedics and youth orthopaedics, diabetes, oncology, endocrinology, orthopaedics and casualty surgery, plastic surgery ...


Enjoy excellent VIP's service in your mother language: we help in visa and lodging, offer VIP's shuttle, luxury catering, Internet, comfort station, interpreter. Our employees are accessible 24 hours to you.


Berlin is an international metropolis and one of the most thrilling and exciting towns of the world. Every year millions international tourists enjoy this quite special magic. Get to know this town – and love it!

Good News

The highly specialised Clinic for Cardiology has opened.

Contract between the Embassy of Qatar and PGD International establishes the cornerstone of cooperation!

"We are very pleased to contractually seal the deal for our future collaboration today," said Sabt Saqr Al Kuwari, medical attaché to the Embassy of Qatar, on 5 April 2019 on the occasion of signing the contract. Stephanie Wand, Managing Director of PGD International and the Embassy of Qatar confirmed their long-term cooperation with their signatures. "We will treat many more patients from Qatar in our hospitals in the future" said Stephanie Wand. PGD International has earned a good reputation over the past few years. More and more patients from all over the world now rely on the care of PGDI. Stephanie Wand explained "In addition to know-how at the highest medical and scientific level, PGD International is greatly concerned with the welfare of patients from a personal and humane point of view- especially with regard to comfort and service: This also includes the coordination of all necessary activities by native-speaking service staff and escort assistants, as well as support in the diagnosis and assessment of the medical problem and respect for ethical values. “Qatar Medical Office and PGD International plan to collaborate through short routes and good communication for the benefit of the patients. Prior to signing the contract, Sabt Saqr Al Kuwari inspected both the comfort and standard wards of the Martin- Luther-Krankenhaus. Subsequently, all participants celebrated their future cooperation with tea and cake.

التعاقد بين سفارة دولة قطر وشركة بي جيه دي إنترناشيونال يؤكد التعاون المتبادل بينهما
قال السيد ثابت صقر القويري الملحق الطبي لسفارة دولة قطر "إنه لمن دواعي سرورنا أننا كللنا التعاون المتبادل بيننا اليوم بالتعاقد" وذلك بمناسبة توقيع العقد في 5 أبريل 2019؛ وقد تأكد التعاون المتبادل طويل الأمد بمجرد توقيع كلٍ من شتيفاني فاند المدير التنفيذي بشركة بي ديه دي إترناشيونال وسفارة قطر. وأخبرت السيدة شتيفاني فاند "سنتمكن في المستقبل من تقديم الرعاية الطبية في مسشتفياتنا للمزيد من المرضى القطريين". من الجدير بالذكر أن شركة بي جيه إيه إنترناشيونال قد اكتسبت سمعة جيدة خلال السنوات الأخيرة حتى أن المزيد من المرضى من شتى بقاع الأرض يتوجهون إليها تملأهم الثقة بحثاً عن الرعاية الطبية. كما قالت أيضاً شتيفاني فاند: "تهتم شركة بي جي ديه إنترناشيونال أيما اهتمام بالرعاية الشخصية والإنسانية لمرضاها – من حيث الراحة والخدمة - إلى جانب كونها على أعلى مستوى من الخبرة الطبية والعلمية: ويشمل ذلك على وجه الخصوص تنسيق كافة الإجراءات اللازمة عن طريق فريق عمل ومساعدين مرافيقن ناطقين باللغة الأم وكذلك المساعدة في التشخيص وتقييم المشكلات الطبية واحترام القيم الأخلاقية". يرغب كلٌ من المكتب الطبي القطري وشركة بي جيه دي إنترناشيونال في اجتياز طريق مختصر والتواصل بشكل جيد مستقبلاً لصالح المرضى. تفقَّد السيد ثابت صقر القويري أقسام الراحة والأقسام القياسية لمستشفى مارتن لوتر قبل توقيع العقد، وفي النهاية أقام كافة المساهمون حفل شاي وكيك للاحتفال بتعاونهم المتبادل المستقبلي.

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Welcome to Germany, welcome to BERLIN

The Paul Gerhardt Diakonie (PGD) is a group of eight hospitals in Berlin, Sachsen –Anhalt und Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. It is one of the largest health care providers in the region. In addition to the population of Berlin, the company has, for many years and with great commitment, focused on the treatment of foreign patients. PGD International guarantees patients from around the world an "all-inclusive" package, and supports them extensively with all medical problems.

Our Managing Director is Stephanie Wand. As well as medical know-how PGD International cares very much about the personal well being of its patients – in particular with regard to comfort and service. This includes the coordination of all necessary measures by our multilingual service team with the diagnosis and assessment of medical problems, support with immigration formalities, general and special interpreting services, airport pickup, assistance for possible companions, medical treatment by chief physician, VIP service and catering, a private room and accommodation for a companion.

The patients are, if possible, accommodated in attractive single rooms provided with internet access, their home TV programs and magazines in their native language. The kitchen caters for ethnic and religious requirements. It works closely with several restaurants in the city, ensuring that your culinary requests are promptly fulfilled. Our philosophy is to make you feel at home – which is also an important part of your therapy. Stephanie Wand explains:
"Even our website is in five languages. This gives most patients orientation. When you call or e-mail us – whether in English, French, Chinese, Arabic or Russian – we guarantee answers and solutions within two days."

Individual treatment, which is tailored exactly to you is particularly important for us. We would like you to be mobile again quickly and able to live free of pain. Our range of services covers all the important fields of medicine at the highest and most up to date level: spinal surgery, internal medicine, general surgery, gynaecology, paediatrics, paediatric orthopaedics, centres for breast and bowel cancer, plastic aesthetic surgery, orthopaedics, endocrinology, foot and hand surgery, neurosurgery and treatments of the thyroid gland. Just ask us. We’re here to help you.