اثنين, 04/08/2013

33. Half Marathon Berlin

The fun in running is not the running itself but crossing the finishing line. Not necessarily the finishing line of a competition but the finishing line you set yourself. Sometimes that just can be going out to run at all or take a little detour to extend the run or not shorten your run at all. Even in a race like the 33. Berlin Half Marathon there is only one competition: the one against yourself. Meaning? To reach the finishing line even if you have to walk.

With almost 24,000 participants from 101 nations the Berlin half marathon has become one of the most popular in the world and the second fastest after the Ras Al Khaimah half marathon in the United Arab Emirates. When I lingered in the finishing zone getting my strength together after a very good run I heard over the loud speakers that quite a lot of people from the UAE had come to Berlin to take part in the half marathon and that they actually did very good.

So, what to do to take part in next year's Berlin half marathon? First, do not forget to register early enough because the half marathon is sold out real early. Then train for it. If you do not go out running on a regular basis start with it slowly this week. If you are already running on a regular basis but not more than up to 10 kilometers start to extend this to 12 and later to 15 kilometers. There is no need to run 15 kms every time you go out running, but you should be able to do it without getting too exhausted. Remember running – and eventually taking part in a half marathon, 25km run or actual marathon – is supposed to be fun and support your health. So take it easy and if you find out running is not your sport, just quit it and look for one which is better suited to your wants and needs. But if you decide to join next year you can go back in this blog and read what I wrote about training for a half marathon last year and you can follow us on Facebook where we will give you hints and tricks about running and maintaining your health on a regular basis.

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