خميس, 02/23/2012

War Victims from Libya treated at PGD International hospitals

In the last couple of months, many war victims from Libya have been treated in the hospitals of PGD International. We like to introduce you to two fates:

The five-year-old Saja was injured by gunfire when she was on the way to her parents house. The bullets shattered her arm, she lost a lot of blood and finally fell into a coma. That local doctors did not amputate her arm is close to a miracle. The bleeding could be stopped and the arm was hastily stabilized. Then the little girl was flown within days to Berlin. Here Dr. Anja Cornelia Helmers M.D., senior physician at the Center for Child and Youth Orthopedics Waldkrankenhaus Hospital in Berlin-Spandau, could save her arm. Currently the arm is fixed with a rail. Saja stayed in Berlin for months only accompanied by her father, a teacher. During this time she missed her mother terribly. Now Saya was fit enough to travle and therefore allowed to go home for a couple of weeks to visit her mother and her newborn brother. In two months the little girl comes back to Berlin - then all the nails will be removed. The doctor is confident that after the removal of the nails Saja can lead a normal life and that her arm will grow normally.

Abdul H. is 31 years old now and has to learn to live with one leg. And this even means he had a blessing in disguise. In the summer of last year Gaddafi soldiers brutally pulled him out of his house and chased him. In the following hail of bullets his brother died and an uncle was seriously injured. Abdul himself lost a leg and was fighting for his life for many months. When he came to Berlin to Martin Luther Hospital it almost looked like he would lose his second leg too. But the Head of Orthopedic and Trauma Surgery, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Petersen M.D., and his team were able to save his leg. In the meanwhile the wounds have healed and the young gardener is fitted a high-tech prosthetic leg. Also Professor Petersen is confident: "These prostheses are also used in the Paralympics. If he has become accustomed to it, he will be able to walk normally." Abdul, who was accompanied by his little brother to Berlin, is very happy that the doctors could have helped him: "I am so glad I was able to come to Berlin. Even before that I had already heard a lot about the quality of doctors.” When Abdul is not in the hospital for treatments his brother pushes him in his wheelchair through the exciting city which experienced a cold winter and is now awakening to spring. "We already know our way around in Berlin very well”, Abdul says about their exploration tours. “ Nevertheless, we would be very happy when we can go home again soon. Libya needs to be rebuilt, it needs our help in this and of course we want to be part of it too." Abdul hopes that he may travel home in early summer. At home his mother is already waiting eagerly for him. "And of course I want to visit my brother's grave who was killed in the attack", he adds thoughtfully.