جمعة, 05/30/2014

When You Should Stay Home Instead of Going to Work

If one is a little peeved or feels a strain or prick somewhere in the body, most people think: This will be over in no time! Hardly anyone runs to the doctor immediately and many avoid to go to see a doctor as long as possible to. Often enough, the discomfort disappears quickly, but what if not? Just because it takes time to make a doctor's appointment and you usually have to wait a few days until you get one, you should not wait until you fall over and possibly end up with irreparable damages.

Here are a few symptoms that you should take seriously:

If you feel a bit tired and 'only' sneeze, you still can go to the office but you should avoid to cough or sneeze at your colleagues and you should wash your hands regularly. If you feel really bad then just stay at home. Just because others go to work ill, this does not mean that you should do that too. Coming to work sick means that you quite surly infect your colleagues and customers – and that is, strictly speaking, pretty rude and it also hurts the working ability of your company because others might get ill and have to stay home. This is especially true if you are dealing with food because the germs will stick to the food and get distributed by it. If you have a profession that demands full attention and which bears responsibility for people, such as pilot or bus driver, then you should call in sick anyway. If you have fever, cough or sputum, then there is no way past a doctor's visit, unless you do not have to call in sick and can calmly recuperate at home before going back to mingle with human beings.

It often happens that one feels well again after a few days. But if one has an infectious disease such as Noro virus, then you should still stay at home because you are still contagious even if you feel great. This you should definitely discuss with the doctor. In addition, even something 'harmless' as a flu infection can be serious. If it is not cured properly, it can lead to myocarditis. And that can be fatal.

If one has, however, regularly back pain, then you should check out your working environment. Are chair, desk, computer screen and computer keyboard arranged so that they are the least strain on the body and your back? Additionally you should go to see a doctor to get a prescription for a back course. You do not necessarily need to stay home, but under certain circumstances an extra day off from work can might be just what your back needs to get better.