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Berlin is an international magnet, it is considered the gateway to the east and it is one of the most exciting and youngest cities in the world. Berlin is a city that never sleeps. Every year millions of tourists meet here to conquer the vibrant and exciting city. Between the rivers Spree and Havel, the lakes Tegeler See, Grunewaldsee and Müggelsee, the traditional, old and morbid Berlin collides with an international big city flair which is shaped by creative artists, fashion designers, IT specialists, filmmakers and students. Berlin has always been contrast – glamor vs. decay, urban Moloch vs. green oasis of peace and tranquility, doner kebab vs. star restaurants, small guesthouses vs. luxury hotels, corner pubs vs. award-winning restaurants.

Experience the finest museums, galleries and theaters, enjoy a boat trip on the lake Wannsee and a walk with the children in one of the most diverse zoos in the world, stroll through the Eastern city with its many small restaurants, boutiques and frills stores and do not miss a trip to the TV tower overlooking Berlin. Come to Berlin – we help you and your family to explore this extraordinary city. (also available in Arabic and Russian).