Thu, 05/30/2013

96 Doctors, 12 Countries - the European Doctors' Orchestra plays at Konzerthaus Berlin

They practice in their homes - and then play together for a good cause: The doctors of the European Doctors' Orchestra that will play on Sunday, June 2, at the Konzerthaus. Tickets are still available.

This article is an abstract of an article from the Berlin newspaper Der Tagesspiegel.

The first rehearsal with the orchestra, Hans-Jürgen Nabel will never forget. About a hundred amateur musicians met in a London church and played Beethoven's Violin Concerto. Before that they had never seen each other before. "Along with the first bars a shiver went down my spine," says Nabel, 55, Chief of Geriatrics from Gatow. For just one concert, the musicians had traveled from various European countries to London.

On Sunday, the Doctors' Orchestra plays a benefit concert at the Berlin Konzerthaus am Gendarmenmarkt.

Twice a year, the orchestra plays together: once in London, once on the European mainland. On the program this time is "The Faust Overture" by Richard Wagner, Max Bruch's "Scottish Fantasy" and the "Rhenish" by Robert Schumann. The proceeds go to the hospice of the Paul Gerhardt Diakonie, which opens in September on the site of Martin Luther Hospital. For the concert 96 physicians from twelve European countries had been practicing for weeks individually on their instruments. Only three days before the concert, orchestra rehearsals with all the musicians together started. The musicians include the 27-year-old medical assistant as well as the 77-year-old retired doctor.

Antje Lueg, a specialist in ophthalmology remembers a conductor who was very impressed by the perfectionism of the amateur orchestra. "He said, as we were all very focused exactly to the point, was like a surgeon."

With the proceeds of 20 euros per ticket, which go completely to the Paul Gerhardt Diakonie, the hospice wants to build their rooms more family-friendly to allow better grief counseling for children who visit relatives.

The idea for the Doctors' Orchestra had the Australian Miklos Pohl, a plastic surgeon. He initiated it for the first time in Australia in 1993. After moving to London in 2003, he founded the European equivalent. Those wishing to participate will pay a fee of 175 euros, of which the conductor, the guest soloists - this time the violinist Marlene Ito of the Berlin Philharmonic - and the catering are to be paid. Accommodation and flight cost extra.

Those who can not afford that, find accommodation with their colleagues. Antje Lueg will have a doctor-friend and violinist from Hungary as her guest. At the concert in Budapest 2006, they became friends. The mood among the amateur musicians is pretty special. "At least we already have two things in common, over which one can exchange ideas," says Lueg. "The profession and the music." Even if they do not talk so much about medicine. The talks are more about the city in which one is staying, and the music, says Nabel. And of course the memories the musicians share over the years.

Anyone who wants to support and experience the musical talent of doctors, can buy tickets online at Ticket prices are 20 Euro (plus € 4.50 booking fee). All proceeds of the concert will go to the hospice. You can also use the Event-Invitation we set up on Facebook to connect to us and/or share the event with your friends.