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Mon, 02/02/2015

Berlin doctor affords Libyans new face

Abduraaouf suffered burns of the third degree and was cured in Berlin. The BZ, Berlins biggest newspaper, has reported about the destiny of the young man:

Prof. Markus Küntscher (44), specialist for plastic surgery in the Martin Luther's hospital (in Berlin Wilmersdorf), worked with an amazing method to reconstruct it. He breeds new skin directly in the cheeks and on the head of the patient. “Therefore I plant four empty plastic balloons under the remained healthy tissues of Abduraaouf, these will be filled increasingly with liquid for over three months”, says Küntscher. Finally, every balloon was stretched bulging and reached the size of a tennis-ball. “That way the upper layer was slowly stretched and new skin cells were build.” In an additional operation Prof. Küntscher removed the balloons and pulled the grown skin above the injured surfaces.

In further operations scars on the right cheek should disappear. “It is quite astonishing what was reached till now”, says Abduraaouf. “My biggest wish is to retrieve my old face.”