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Mon, 11/28/2011

Berlin Film Festivals

Every year in February Berlin hosts one of the biggest film festivals worldwide. The International Film Festival Berlin or 'Berlinale' for short is known to be the biggest film festival where normal people actually can go to screenings, meet the filmmakers there and discuss their movies with them.

But Berlin is also host for a lot of small film festivals covering just certain films. Quiet a few of them are held in November and December like the Arab Film Festival Alfilm we already told you about or 'Around the World in 14 Films' which started last week and is still on or the Russian Film Week, which starts Wednesday.

'Around the World in 14 Films' is an independent international film festival that every year brings 14 extraordinary films from 14 regions around the world, to show and share with Berlin's discerning cinema public. Most of those films will not be shown elsewhere in Germany and probably not even widely outside their country of origin. This year two films from the Arab world are shown at 'Around the World in 14 Films': “Sur la Planche” (On the Edge) by Leila Kilani from Morocco and “Bé omid é didar” (Good Bye) by Mohammad Rasoulof from Iran. From Russia there is “Elena” by Andrei Zvyagintsev.

One of the big advantages of Berlin is that you have a really good chance to see movies from far away parts of the world you normally do not have a chance to watch. So those film festivals and weeks give movie buffs a rare chance to watch movies on the big screen. If you are interested in the cinema of a certain region of the world or a certain country chances are good that among the many film festivals in Berlin there is one that fits your movie taste.

While 'Around the World in 14 Films' finds its movies at big festivals around the world, “Sur la Planche” for example was shown at the Cannes Film Festival this May, the Russian Film Week shows a good amount of Russian movies that have been released within the last 12 month in Russia. So you have the opportunity to see a years worth of proven Russian movies from different genres within 10 days.

Since the film festivals and film weeks are always at the same time of year you easily can plan them in if you plan to travel to Berlin for medical treatment and also like to enjoy to see a movie or two to arrive in Berlin and feel at home at the same time. There even is a website listing almost all film festivals that take place during a year in Berlin.


The Iranian film "Good Bye" by Mohammad Rasoulof was awarded with the “IFA”, the Intercultural Film Award 2011, at the 6th Berlin World Cinema Festival AROUND THE WORLD IN 14 FILMS on Saturday 3rd – Congratulations! The movie tells the story of a young Iranian lawyer who faces callous bureacratic indifference and frightening governmental harassment as she attempts to maintain her professional life while seeking an exit visa. More.


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