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Fri, 12/30/2011

Berlin as Germany's culinary center

Berlin's newspaper Der Tagesspiegel reports today that Berlin soon will become Germany's culinary center as well. It already is a fact that you can get every kind of food you find in your home country in Berlin as well but now the number of restaurants for haute-cuisine is rising.

Now there are two new two-star restaurants in Berlin. Berlin has never had more than one at a time, beginning with Henry Levy's "Maître" in the seventies, followed by Siegfried Rockendorf and now Christian Lohse's "Fischers Fritz" in the Regent's Hotel.

The two new ones are "Lorenz Adlon" and "Reinstoff", and it seems that this marks the start of a new phase in the culinary evolution of Berlin.

On the English Language website you find a ranking list for Berlin's restaurants starting with "Fischers Fritz" before "Lorenz Adlon", "Margaux", "Tim Raue" and "First Floor" followed by "Facil", "Hugo", "Quadriga", "Rutz" and "Reinstoff". Raue, Berlin's most widely known chef, who ranked 14th last year, has made the biggest leap upward. He has 19 points in the Gault-Millau and was awarded "Chef of the Year" in the restaurant guide "Feinschmecker".

At the same time there is general ambition. Hardly any well-known restaurant has subsided in his performance. And, perhaps more importantly, there has been no notable closing. On the other hand, almost no new restaurants opened.

The by far most attention applies to Pierre Gagnaire: The Parisian three-star chef plans to open a restaurant at the Waldorf Astoria new branch at the zoo. The chef of the "Les Solistes" will be Roel Lintermans from Belgium.