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Wed, 11/02/2011

Charity funded surgery for injured Kazakh

Camouflage is an organization which helps people with skins defects, burn scars and children with severe burns.

From our archives here an example how Camouflage and Martin Luther Hospital can help.

Daniel Yakubin from Karaganda, the fourth-biggest town in Kazakhstan was 10 years old when he got injured while trying to light an oil lamp. For him it was a common task. Due to recurrent electricity shortages again there was no light. But this time the lamp explodes and severely burnt his face and hands. "Although the Kazakh accident doctors in primary care have given their best, Daniel had big problems with breathing," says surgeon Dr. Dr. Johannes Bruck MD, head of plastic surgery at Martin Luther Hospital where Daniel was treated thanks to Berlin charity organization "Camouflage" which raised the money to get him treated at Martin Luther Hospital. Johannes Bruck, a founding member of Camouflage operated Daniel for free.

Because of the burning Daniel could not move his fingers and his upper lip had grown together with the nose, which affected Daniels breathing that severely that he could not even go to school. Sergei Link, a Berlin friend of Daniel's family, would not accept the fate of the boy. He wrote to Bruck and asked for help. The surgeon asked to send him photos and video recordings of the now 12-year-old boy. After that he agreed to operate him without a fee in Berlin. The remaining costs of the necessary technical equipment for the operation of around 4000 Euro was financed by donations. Daniels surgery at Martin Luther Hospital, which was performed by six surgeons, took six hours. "We have separated the deformed upper lip from the nose and covered it with pieces of skin from the belly," Bruck says about the procedure. Then, the stretching and gripping function of the hands were re-established. The operation went without problems, the doctor said. Daniel Yakubin stayed for two weeks at Martin Luther Hospital. During this time he had to perform special exercises daily to learn to move his fingers again. But even after he has left the hospital, it takes a while until all the scars have healed, that he can move his hands fully again and that he can breathe without difficulty. But then, Daniel can do again what he loves most: playing basketball.

You will find the Website of Camouflage here.