Dr. med. Carsten M. Philipp


  • Director of the Centre for Laser Medicine
  • Specialist Fields: Congenital Vascular Tumours and Malformations, Photodynamic Therapy, Optical Diagnostics

Training | Study

1994                                Doctorate (Freie Universität Berlin)

1981-1987                      Study of Human Medicine (Freie Universität Berlin)

Professional Career

since 2015                       Clinical Director, Centre for Laser Medicine, Evangelische Elisabeth Klinik Berlin

2005-2014                      Consultant in Charge, Department of Laser Medicine, Evangelische Elisabeth Klinik Berlin

1996-2005                      Consultant in Charge, Department of Laser Medicine, Vivantes Klinikum Neukölln Berlin

1989-1996                      Senior House Officer, Department of Laser Medicine, Freie Universität Berlin, Klinikum Benjamin Franklin

1987-1989                      Research Associate at the Laser Medicine Centre, Berlin

Honorary Posts

  • President of the German Society for Laser Medicine (DGLM)
  • Vice President of the European Laser Association (ELA)
  • Editor “Photonics & Lasers in Medicine” (PLM)

Membership of Professional Associations

  • International Society for the Study of Vascular Anomalies (ISSVA, Fellow)
  • British Medical Laser Association (BMLA, Honorary Member)
  • American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery (ASLMS, Fellow)
  • German Society for Plastic and
    Reconstructive Surgery (DGPW)
  • German Society of Phlebology (DGP)
  • German Cancer Society (DKG)
  • Working Group for Dermatological Oncology (ADO)