Dr. med. Jochen Potenberg

Dr. med. Potenberg
Certified Specialist in Oncology

  • Higher Education, Training and Qualifications
    • 1975-1981   
      Degree: Frankfurt/M and Berlin
  • Career  
    • 02.06.1981   
      Awarded medical licence     
    • 1982-1983   
      Awarded doctorate
      Drug metabolism at the Institute for Clinical Pharmacology (Steglitz Clinic) (Prof. Dr. Roots)
    • 1984-1986   
      Federal Health Office (Director: Prof. Dr. Mitarbeiter  A.G. Hildebrandt) - In vitro tests on the mechanism of carcinogenic substances      
    • 1986-1993   
      Asisstant in the II department of Moabit Hospital (Head of Department: Prof. Dr. Hellriegel)
    • Awarded title Certified Specialist in Internal Medicine (01.10.1992)
    • Awarded title Certified Specialist in Haematology/Internal Oncology (26.01.1994)   
    • Since 1993: Consultant for Internal Medicine at the Waldkrankenhaus Ev. Hospital (Head of Department: PD. Dr. U. Wahnschaffe)      
    • Since 2003: Supervisor for Haematology and Internal Oncology.
  • Membership of Professional Associations / Honorary Positions / Awards
    • October 2005: Certified as internal oncologist by ESMO
    • German Cancer Society
    • German Society of Haematology and Oncology
    • European Society of Internal Oncology