Dr. med. Stephan-Matthias Reyle-Hahn

Head of Department: Dr. med. Stephan-Matthias Reyle-Hahn
Certified Specialist in Anaesthesiology. Specialisms: Anaesthesiology, Regional Anaesthesia, Intensive Care Medicine, Pain Therapy

  • Higher Education, Training and Qualifications

    • Medical school: Berlin      

    • Medical education: Berlin-Charité, Flinders University Adelaide/Australia (Prof. Cousins)

  • Career

    • 1988   
      Flinders Medical Center, Adelaide / S.A.       

    • 1989 - 1997   
      University Hospital of Free University of Berlin       
      University Hospital of Humboldt University Berlin – Virchow University Clinic      
      - Consultant in Anaesthesiology – Visceral surgery, Traumatology
      - Main Consultant for Paediatric Anaesthesia  - Paediatric Centre of Charité Berlin      

    • 1997 - 2000    University Hospital Aachen – Rheinisch-Westfälische University, Aachen - Germany      
      - Head and senior consultant for the anaesthesiology operating areas of the hospital      
      - Scientific work in xenon anaesthesia      
      - Scientific cooperation with Prof. W. Erdmann at ERASMUS University, Rotterdam / The Netherlands 

    • Since 2000   
      Head of Department of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine      
      - Scientific work in xenon anaesthesia    

  • Membership of Professional Associations / Honorary positions

    • - President of the Association for Xenon Anaesthesia (www.xenondatabase.com)      

    • - European Society of Anaesthesiology (ESA)      

    • - Representative of Berlin regional branch of the Federation of German Anaesthetists    (BDA)     

    • - German Society for Anaesthesiology and Intensive Medicine (DGAI)

  • Selection of Publications

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