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Thu, 07/10/2014

Dangers of Stress – And How to Avoid Them

Stress is a major cause for mental but also for physical illnesses. Stress is part of our daily lives. Per se stress is not always harmful. Stress also can have a motivating effect and in a time when men were still hunter-gatherers, stress was often enough life sustaining. Today, however, stress for most people has become a health-threatening condition which almost always is the fault of others and not the one of oneself although everyone is responsible for oneself to avoid stress.

But how, you might think. The boss applies pressure, so does the partner, children, leisure activities, friends, and you yourself as well because there are enough things you want to achieve and do beside the things others want from you. The simplest remedy for stress is not to allow yourself to be stressed. That means to do things in their own pace and not let others impose the pace of things being done on you.

Stress leads to obesity because it stimulates the appetite for fatty and sugary foods. In addition, there is a tendency to resort to caffeine or alcohol to cope with stress better. This leads to periods of increased activity, which are alternated by significant energy crashes. The result is that modern day stress makes you fat. "Stress Fat" gathers at the waist and causes a pot belly. Responsible for this is the hormone cortisol, which is produced when stressed. The belly fat, which is caused by stress, is the most dangerous fat of all. It can cause insulin resistance (and ultimately type 2 diabetes), heart diseases and circulatory problems. However, due to cardio exercise you can work off the pot belly. Far better it is not to give into stress that much that you feel the urge to get at it with unhealthy things.

Besides heart and circulation problems chronic stress can lead to depression and problems with the stomach and the intestine. Also, as a result of stress irritability, back pain and insomnia can occur. But how we deal with stress is very individual. Stress occurs when you feel overwhelmed and are afraid not to be able to cope with a task. Then you start to think, and if you are not in a position to assess the situation at rest and calmly find a step by step solution, then the stress is there. How to cope with stress, you can learn. With this a good friend, a coach or even a psychotherapist can be of help. You can also write down your thoughts and feelings. This can solve the knot that blocks a solution. Also meditation or systematic relaxation exercises, music, sports, peace and distance to the problems help.