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Wed, 04/18/2012

Helpful tips for your visit to Berlin

There are enough reasons to travel to Berlin. But whatever the reason might be one probably wants to get an impression of Berlin as long as you stay there. To show you how Berlin looks and feels like I put up the picture galleries where I add pictures in loose succession. Which of course means every time I have the change to take pictures I share them with you. I am not the only one who likes to take pictures of Berlin, its vibrant life, its interesting sights and all the places where one can just be, sit and enjoy. You find galleries on flickr. At least two of them might be of interest for you. The first shows pictures, often details and the viewer has to guess where they were taken. The second is a best of. Only when five user rate the picture worthy it is added to this gallery.

But how to find places and how to select the ones one is interested in. If you have children or are yourself interested in animals you probably will visit the zoo. But have you known that Berlin has to zoos? That is the legacy of Berlin actually being two towns while Germany was seperated in two countries after the war. The original zoo is in the western part next to the Zoo Train Station. The new zoo is a huge park in the eastern district of Friedrichsfelde.

I researched some websites for you which can be of assistance planning a trip to Berlin. But remember: distances in Berlin are huge and you always have to take a bus or the metro to get to places. And when you feel like it you can ride a bike as well.

To start with there is of course the Lonely Planet Website. Here you find everything. The British Newspaper Telegraph asks readers to give recommendations of thing to do and to visit at places they have been. The New York Times also gives its readers the opportunity to give recommendations to others readers as does the Australian website A short overview of things to see and do while in Berlin gives USA Today. This might be good to get a fair impression in a short time.

And then there is the really comprehensive site and of course the official Berlin tourism website and official website of the city, which provide you with lots of information. And if you want to go even deeper, there is the English language magazine ExBerliner in which the political, cultural and night-life of Berlin is wildly featured.