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Fri, 06/28/2013

How to Prepare Best for Running (Is It Better to Run in a Group and What to Observe When Trail Running.)

The good thing about running is you can do it whenever and in the way you feel like it. The bad thing is it can become a lonely sport. But whether one is better off running on his own or in a group definitely is a question of needs. What are your needs when running, why do you do it?

Do you need solitude to clear the head? To think about certain things? (When I go running so many things go through my head it is cleaning it out as well as igniting a creative process.) Or is it important to get motivated by co-runners? Talk to people before, after and even during running? (Rule of thumb: when you are able to talk during running, then you have the right velocity for a healthy excercise.) But then! Are you able to keep fixed dates or do you prefer to don your running gear when you feel like it? If you want to read more about this topic, the British Guardian recently discussed this question.

But maybe one wants to join a running club just because of the fun in it. Again The Guardian found out that running has become the new clubbing. For whom this is just beginners stuff that is nice but does not contain new challenges and who find marathons boring should take up off-road-trail-running. Even for experienced runners that is something completely new as Ian Torrence writes in the Running Times. He explains what it means to run off-road, what to observe and he talks about the top six challenges experienced road runners face when they venture away from the pavement.

Since especially this is quite strenuous one should always keep in mind to get enough rest to give the muscles and the body the chance to recover. Why this is especially important for runners who like to take part in competitions describes Greg McMillan in Running Times.

But why run all the time? Why not walk? That are questions Gretchen Reynolds from the New York Times ponders in an article too. She read some studies and came to the conclusion: “It depends almost completely on what you are hoping to accomplish [with it].“

So, there is something for everyone to exercise and stay in good health. And while your are out walking, running, cycling or doing any other sport, please keep in mind that there is some etiquette to it too, as Matt Kurton from The Guardian has laid out. And frankly, I really would love people observe Matt's first rule which says to nod hello to your fellow runners and walkers. It motivates so much when people who are running towards me return my greetings – and I have experienced that it motivates them when I greet them!

Oh, and for the walkers among you here's a list with the top 10 walking questions I happen to stumble upon.