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Thu, 12/15/2011

Live longer with friends

For Prof. Alfred Wolf MD a major influence on health is whether we experience our lives as meaningful. This is the case when we have social relationships with friends and family that make us happy.

Alfred Wolf, who teaches disease prevention at Dresden International University, gave the magazine Doppio an interview how social relationships can lead to a longer life. Here I want to share a few key thought from this interview with you.

Healthy aging is the most important issue in our society. How do you prevent premature aging, slow down the natural aging process and how do you alleviate diseases associated with aging? So far, we are not successful shortening the period in which one is ill in old age. We only have moved it further up. We become sick later, but we are getting sick.

To stay healthy as long as possible a healthy diet is essential. About 40 percent of all tumors come from bad nutrition. A very negative role in this have carbohydrates, especially the ones in sugar, in white flour products and starchy foods such as potatoes or husked rice. They let the blood sugar rise excessively. Sugar molecules glue, as sugar in a hot pan caramelize, which promotes inflammations. In addition to diabetes chronic inflammations automatically belong to aging.

This can lead to atherosclerosis, heart attack, Alzheimer's, osteoporosis, arthritis, rheumatism as well as all degenerative diseases, which are inflammatory diseases. In Age they restrict our mobility, free will and our lives dramatically.

It is important to eat the right carbohydrates that are not immediately be converted into sugar, which are vegetables, berries, bread from unhusked grain or spelt, whole foods in general and of course real fruits.

Meat is okay. Red meat contains highly saturated fatty acids. Poultry has more unsaturated fatty acids, fish is high in omega 3, which is always healthier than beef or pork.

Underestimated are the influence of environmental toxins: people living in a city are constantly taking in toxins - caused by particulate matter, but also by processed food, everywhere-present emulsifiers, disinfectants and other "protective substances". People with fatigue often carry a wide variety of heavy metals, solvents and other environmental toxins on their genome, which block or overcompensate the genes. By special decontamination procedures the contamination might be reduced or eliminated and remarkable recoveries can be achieved. Therefore it is actually more healthy to live in the country where are less toxins and less stress.

However, as described, nutrition is the most important factor to get old in good health. But it is also important to lead a life with a balanced psyche. Social skills are an important factor here, without social competence there is a significantly lower life expectancy. This includes the personal philosophy of life, personal happiness as well as the general attitude to life. This has been proven through a variety of investigations. Satisfactory human relationships are an important factor to get old.

In addition to all this it is important as well to do sport, take long walks, work out or do something else as a regular exercise since this strengthen the muscles, which protect the body, and enables the body to take better care for itself.

Also habits play a major role, particularly alcohol and nicotine. All investigations that say alcohol contributes to ones health are ordered truths by the relevant industry. About nicotine we must not talk.