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Mon, 11/07/2011

A lucky day for injured Jana

Here another example from our archives how Camouflage and Martin Luther Hospital are helping.

Jana was still a baby when she came too close to an open fire in her parents house in Chrask in the Ukraine.

She burnt her face and hands horribly. Thanks to the generosity of the readers of Berlin newspaper Berliner Morgenpost 11.000 Euro could be raised to help the girl, which was ten when she finally had the chance to get the marks from her unfortunate accident removed. And thanks to Dr. Dr. Johannes Bruck MD, head of plastic surgery at Martin Luther Hospital, and his team who operated Jana for free as well as to charity organization Camouflage, which helped too.

When Jana came to Dr. Bruck her right hand was just a mere stump and she could not close her mouth and her right eye. “The operation went really well”, Dr. Bruck, a founding member of Camouflage, says. Now she can close the eye and her mouth again and the stump has a small finger now. Enough to fix a clamp to it so that Jana can use it to grab and hold things.

Additionally René Koch, a prominent Berlin makeup-artist and head of the executive board of Camouflage, showed Jana how to conceal the operation scars.

Camouflage is an organization which helps people with skins defects, burn scars and children with severe burns. It not only helps to find support for operations it also shows people how to conceal marks with the help of makeup-skills.

You will find an article about Jana from Berliner Morgenpost along with a photo on the Website of Camouflage.