Mon, 12/05/2011

Martin Luther Hospital: Wunschbaum campaign for children living in children's homes in Berlin

Christmas - the children's festival. Therefore Martin Luther Hospital launches a large wish list in cooperation with the charity organization Laughing Hearts. Home Children may write their wishes down, hang them on the tree and with a little luck Santa Claus comes by in person and fullfills the children's wishes. With last years campaign the wishes of more than 750 children could come true.

In the foyer and in front of the switchboard of MLK, there are several Christmas trees - all with the heartfelt wishes of children which have a value up to a maximum of 20 €. But there are also bigger whishes - a table tennis table for example. Here a whole group of children is involved. In the case of bigger whishes, you can take part with a small part of the total gift. Who wants to light children's eyes, "picks" one of the options from the tree and returns it - along with his donation – at the telephone exchange. Laughing Hearts buys all the presents and compares them with the wish list. This guarantees that every child who has submitted a wish receives his gift. In December, a festive Christmas celebration takes place for the children at the Alhambra cinema in Wedding - with Santa Claus, angels, movies, popcorn and of course the presents!

A donation receipt is possible from a donation starting with 100 €. Laughing Hearts is a nonprofit organization that is carried through partners, donations and the support of numerous celebrities. It supports more than 15 children, orphanages and welfare centers. Laughing Hearts aim is to help socially disadvantaged children in Germany's capital. Last year, more than 720 children have been blessed!

You find the webpage of Laughing Hearts here