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Tue, 10/07/2014

Maternity Department of PGD

For childbirth to Berlin in the clinics of the PGD International: more and more young women decide! Such as the 27-year old Irina B. from Saratov on the Volga. Together with her husband and her mother are waiting of young Russian woman on the birth of their first child, which will come in a few weeks to the world.

She was one of the last investigations in the Martin Luther Hospital and her doctor, Dr. Wunschel, was able to reassure the expectant mother: everything is going well, the baby is thriving, is now though Irina is pregnant first eight months - already about 50 cm tall and 3000 grams. And it’s a girl. We will accompany and look Irina and on the time when she can hold her with her ​​daughter at last.