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Fri, 01/23/2015

Medical Check-up

  1. "Medical Check-up" serves to men and women beyond 50, who want to stay healthy or get healthy. People in leadership positions, fathers, mothers, responsible persons. Many interested parties from all over the world apreciate our offering and come to Berlin at the medical centres of the PGD to go for a thoroughly check- up. The aim is, to recognise possible risks and to eliminate them, before the desease become a problem. This excursion is often wedded with a holiday or business trip to Berlin. The offers are well structured, so it takes a minimum of time. The Berlin Newspaper “Tagesspiegel” has reported a full-page about the medical examination of two patients –  and was delighted.  As the the article is very long, we have translated only a few extracts.
  2. This is how prevent is fun.  The doctor in charge Tatiana Friebel receives her clients for a cheerful consultation. The bright registration desk at the side tract of the Zehlendorfer Hubertus's hospital is fancy furnished, the machine produces superb espresso. Hospital  tristesse is not around. However, for Jürgen Wette and Arnold Dreher (name changed) the Screening day starts before 8 o'clock, without breakfast. Both are professionally independent, responsible providers, kind of the types who know what they want. Dreher (50) had a pulmonary embolism at the age of 33 years, inherited handicapped. Now he wants to make sport and do nothing wrong. Jürgen Wette (59), a cheerful savorer with moustache, who smokes since he was a teenager more than 30 cigarettes a day, actually does not feel any health problems
  3. With the blood sample and the uric test it`s getting started.„ Your individual health precaution programme“ the hospital has named his product. On the check up-folder a blonde woman is smiling, the co-ordinator of the international clientels. 85% of the clientele are male. Many are sent as an achievement bearer by the employer or are pushed by their wifes. The attraction of the offer in the Hubertus's hospital are the short ways in- house, wich is felt  to an alternative of a hospital factory; in the bond of trust to a leading doctor at whom all results immediately gathers.
  4. The check-up timetable for Dreher and Wette last until the afternoon. Thorough questioning, Ultraschall-Screening of the belly and the sign gland, visual- and hearing test; Dreher is getting also an ultrasonic consideration of the arteries and veins, Wette becomes in addition a computer tomography of the lung , a heart ultrasounds, Vesselsonografie, and a check of the lung function, load-ECG.
  5. Final Talks with Peter Bobbert, the medical superintend of the check-up ,are taking place directly in the apartment- house.