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The diagnosis of pulmonary metastasis defines a stage IV tumour and thus quite often a poor prognosis for the patient. As a rule, palliative chemotherapy is initiated at this stage. However, it should be pointed out once again that, for some patients, there is the possibility of metastasis surgery.


The answer to this questions lies in the individual problems of the patient which must be carefully assessed before treatment can start. Diseases of the aorta include: aneurysm, dissection, rupture, perforated ulcer etc.. All of these are being treated at the renowned Vascular Center Berlin-Brandenburg Hubertus Hospital in Berlin. The Vascular Center is specialised in the treatment of the aorta. It lies in the interplay of many years of experience, the use of a hybrid OR, the use of minimally invasive surgery, a 24-hour emergency preparedness and the access to almost all stent grafts available in Germany. This ensures that the patient is always getting the stent graft best suited for his individual indication, situation and anatomy.


The Berliner Kurier, one of the German capital's great newspapers, runs features on the best medical practitioners. One of them is Professor Ulrich Nöth, chief physician at the Orthopaedic and Accident Clinic at the Evangelisches Waldkrankenhaus, Spandau. His specialities include operations on the hip.


Many refugees who come to Germany, had to experience torture in their homeland. And many doctors are overwhelmed with the treatment of traumatized refugees. Not only for lack of time.

Again and again, Hubertus Hospital, which belongs to the network of PGD International admits patients from Syria or Libya whose injuries indicate that they are torture victims.

What exactly had happened to these people – if they had to do without sleep, were exposed to terrible noise, burned with cigarettes or sexually threatened in a cruel fashion – that our doctors cannot say, says Dr. Matthias Albrecht.

Albrecht is the CEO of Hubertus Hospital, the issue of torture is close to his heart for many years. "Of course, these patients are treated by our doctors," says Albrecht, who is also a delegate of the Berlin Medical Association.


A highly modern hybrid operating room (with CT and 3D features) supplements the therapeutic options in the triple-certified vascular centre at Hubertus Hospital Berlin, which is part of the PGD International network. The hybrid OR enables doctors to combine extensive vascular operations with minimally invasive procedures.


The last Paul-Gerhardt Health Forum, a regular conference organized by the Paul Gerhard Diakonie, the umbrella organization PGD International is a part of, was dedicated to the "widespread disease of high blood pressure". The speakers, Dipl.-med. Martina Jentzsch and chief physician Prof. Dr. med. Peter Jehle, talked about the dangers of high blood pressure and described how diseases such as heart attack, stroke, or kidney failure can be avoided by timely treatment.


In Martin Luther hospital patients with chronic wounds are treated successfully for many years. Now the interdisciplinary competence centre "Sore Center IWC" in the Martin Luther's hospital became successfully certified, under the direction of Prof. Dr. med.


Tips about fear of flying: Special seminars and relaxation techniques can help

An aircraft is a relatively safe means of transport. Nevertheless, many passengers suffer of a panic fear of flying. Why is that and what can be done about it?


The Institute of Radiation Oncology and Radiotherapy Berlin South-West

Is specialized in the treatment of malign diseases, including

1. Solid and systemic tumours, as


It is much easier to stay healthy than to get healthy. But don't worry. We can help you with that!

To be healthy and vital up into high age is everybody's wish. Not only the daily stress at work can affect our health in the long run. Other factors, such as individual habits, personal constitution, hereditary disease risks, and diverse environmental influences also have an impact on the balance of our health.


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