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Fri, 02/14/2014

Start Your Golf Training Now

Winter always is a hard time for golfers even if they are willing to go to the course and play in windy and rainy conditions. But let's be honest: for most of us golf is a game we prefer to play on a dry, sunny and warm but not to warm day. Inasmuch winter does not leave us a lot of choices. We either have to travel to find more suitable courses, resort to indoor driving ranges or just practice certain swings and movements at home. The classic is elaborating the putting game during office hours with the help of a strip of carpet and a coffee mug laying on its side mimicking as the hole.

The ones among us who have bigger premises even can practice pitching and chipping with the help of a net catching the balls before they hit valuable vases, frames or windows. Which actually offers a big advantage. Now one is able to fully concentrate on the movement, analyze and improve it and practise the fundamentals of ones golf game. Furthermore the body remembers movements. Therefore one can also train the ability of the body and the muscles to remember the right swing.

If you go to an indoor driving range practice to hit the ball cleanly and do not hit the mat. To do so start with small swings and try to hit the ball straight. To reach this goal it is important to grip the club correctly and practice to hold the arm straight. One does not move the hands to hit the ball but the body. Therefore try to practice this move: put the clubhead on the ground that the open side faces the ball correctly. Take the handle in your left palm and close the fingers around it. Then place the right hand under it as learned. Since the right hand is under the left hand your right shoulder will be lower than your left one. Do not move your shoulder forward, only downwards. Your shoulders are still in line above your feet. Your left hand and the club now should form one straight line which should not change throughout the swing. That means you only move your shoulder since your head should be above the ball throughout the whole swing. In fact it is the left arm which leads the movement. Everything else follows: shoulder, back, hips, legs while your body basically remains in a centered position. Just try it out with a stick or something similar and you will see what happens. A golf swing is a complex movement containing various parts which have to interact smoothly. To achieve that it has to be practiced regularly. The best time to do this actually is winter when there are not so many distractions.

Additionally one can got to the fitness studio to improve ones golf fitness since every sport has it special demands to the body and muscles. And since spring is approaching fast better get started to prepare for the next golf season this weekend. See you on the course of which Berlin has 14!