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Thu, 02/27/2014

Fighting Your Daily Lethargy Successfully

Feeling down and spiritless more often than you can afford or want to? If it is hard for you to get your work done because you just do not feel in the mood for it, probably something is stealing your motivation and power. For this there can be many reasons. To begin with, there might be too much what you have to do: take care of the children and the house besides having a job as well. This problem is quite complicated to solve because it requires other people to support you.

Sometimes the work environment is not exactly supportive in motivating you to easily doing your work. This also is very difficult to solve because many bosses are not aware of the problems or are not interested in getting involved in finding a solution or – they are the problem.

But what if you have the feeling something is sucking out your energy from within. Something you have no control about? Well, actually you have control about it and it is quite easy to change it. But it also means you probably have to change your lifestyle and overcome some dear but counterproductive habits for which you probably need a replacement.

One of the biggest energy sucking phenomenon around this time of the year is the listlessness known as spring fever or spring tiredness. The weather becomes nicer and warmer and people start to sit outside in the sun again (especially in Berlin where people love to sit in the sun every moment possible even in winter). But this change of weather has its effect on the body which has a lesser temperature in winter. When it is getting warmer the organism as to adapt. The blood vessel become wider which means that the blood pressure sinks. The result – especially with people with a low blood pressure – is that one feels tired. To fight this until the body has adapted but also general tiredness in the morning is to slap cold water in your face, maybe even shower with cold water and do some gymnastic exercises to get your blood circulation going. The cold water provokes a mild shock in the body which causes the discharge of adrenalin which helps to get the blood circulation going as does exercise by activating the heart to pump blood faster. Exercise also produces the hormone testosterone which gives you an activity boost.

But more often eating and drinking habits are responsible for feeling down and out. So it is important to have a decent breakfast which gives you energy. That would be cereals, yoghurt, whole-grain bread and cottage cheese or similar food which contains proteins. Fatty and sugary food like jam, white bread, eggs and bacon only give you a short energy boost and make you feel listless afterwards. Yoghurt and cereals distribute their energy more evenly and therefore for a longer period of time to the body.

Generally it is a good idea to concentrate on vegetables, fruit and nuts and avoid sugar and processed food altogether. Meat and fat are okay in certain amounts. Also avoid alcohol and other toxins like black tea and coffee on a regular basis. Somehow it drains the body of energy, although caffeine and theine are known to give energy boost.

To really reclaim your energy try this, it only takes between a week and ten days: only have fruit, vegetables, whole-grain products, natural yoghurt, butter milk, water and herbal or green teas (best would be between 3 and 4 litres) for at least seven days. If you need something to sweeten your tea or yoghurt up to two tea spoons of honey are allowed. Do not consume alcohol, sugar or any kind of sweets, black tea, coffee of all sorts, cheese, milk, white flour or any kind of meat and do not smoke – if possible. After three to five days you should notice a positive change in your general well-being.