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Medical Check-up with PGD International

It is much easier to stay healthy than to get healthy. But don't worry. We can help you with that!

To be healthy and vital up into high age is everybody's wish. Not only the daily stress at work can affect our health in the long run. Other factors, such as individual habits, personal constitution, hereditary disease risks, and diverse environmental influences also have an impact on the balance of our health.

To support you in keeping your health first our highly qualified team of medical specialists will examine you with detail and care at the highest level within 5 hours to receive a comprehensive overview of your current health status.

With our examination we will uncover potentially disease-causing factors as well as your individual physical vulnerabilities, to enable meaningful cancer prevention and last but not least rule out serious diseases.

We want to teach you how to recognize your body's warning signs early on and interpret them correctly in order to create the basis for a long-term health preservation. Naturally the examinations are carried out with modern medical technology as it comes with counselling on a health-conscious lifestyle.

Your examination report will be ready on the same day.

The Procedure in Detail

While You Are With Us

The fast pace of today's world makes the assessment of the individual as a whole person often enough no longer possible. With us you are the center of our attention.

As a special service a personal contact is at your side during your stay, who gives you information about the daily routine, will accompany you to the different steps of the examination process and ensures a smooth organization throughout your stay.

Attractive setting in our apartment hotel

For the breaks during the single steps of the medical check-up a modernly equipped apartment is to your disposal, located directly on the large park of the hospital, where you find refreshments, room to relax and culinary delights (breakfast and lunch included).

If you plan to arrive the day before, you can also stay here, of course.

Contents of the Basic Check-up

Initial interview and examination

  • joint evaluation of the returned personal data entry form, discussion of your current condition and your medical history (previous illnesses, surgeries, illness in the family, etc.)
  • comprehensive physical examination
  • skin cancer screening
  • state of vaccinations (if necessary, we provide you with the recommended refresh or vaccinations at the same day)


Laboratory analyzes

  • analysis of 30 laboratory parameters serve as a mirror of important body functions and your personal risk factors constellation (eg, lipid metabolism disorder, blood sugar increase, thyroid dysfunction)

  • complete urinalysis

Ultrasound examination of the internal organs

  • ultrasound of the liver, gallbladder, pancreas, kidneys, spleen and large abdominal vessels (abdominal aorta)

  • ultrasound of the thyroid

Risk assessment of a disease of the cardiovascular system

  • blood pressure measurement

  • ECG at rest

  • ergometry (ECG under load)

  • transthoracic echocardiography (color ultrasound of the heart)

  • pulmonary function testing (spirometry)

Vascular Assessment

  • ultrasound of the arteries supplying the brain (color-coded duplex display)

Urological cancer screening

  • palpation of the prostate

  • ultrasound examination of the prostate and bladder (abdominal side)

  • PSA level measurement in blood (in men)

[We are happy to include a rectal ultrasound examination the day of the check-up on prior notice (see supplementary examinations)]

Cancer screening of the intestine

  • palpation of the rectum

  • fecal occult blood test (search for traces of blood in the stool)

[If without family history we recommend a large colonoscopy from the age of 45 onwards. We are happy to advise you.]


  • visual acuity measurement

  • contrast vision

  • color test


  • hearing test (audiometry)

Final discussion and consultation

  • final discussion and evaluation of all test results with your supervising medical specialist

  • detailed advice in relation to your current state of health and discussion of potentials of furthering good health

  • delivery of your professional medical findings report

Additional Examinations

Our basic check-up can be complemented by specific examinations. We can advise you about what makes sense for your particular health situation and organize quickly and easily everything else for you.

Please inform us about additional examinations when making your booking.

Prostate cancer screening

  • ultrasonography of the prostate via the rectum

To complete the prostate cancer screening, we are happy to arrange an examination to your scheduled check-up day in a nearby urological practice.

Colorectal cancer screening (extended stay until the next day required)

  • large colonoscopy

No other type of cancer early detection offers such great opportunities: Annually 73,000 people in Germany are diagnosed with colon cancer. Colorectal cancer is the second most common cancer incidence. It causes no symptoms in the early stage and that's what makes it so dangerous. Only through regular screening, it is possible to prevent colon cancer usually close to 100% or to heal it.

Cardiovascular system

  • stress echocardiography (Advanced Exercise ECG with simultaneous cardiac ultrasound)

The most important indication for stress echocardiography is the detection or exclusion of a coronary heart disease (circulatory disorder of the heart), this method is much more accurate than the exercise ECG (can be booked at check-up day).


  • clarification of pathological findings and / or complaints

Internal medicine

  • gastroscopy

  • laboratory analyzes (eg, HIV test, hormone levels, etc.)

  • ultrasound examination of the peripheral vessels (doppler sonography of peripheral arteries and/or veins)

Orthopedic whole-body examination

Our orthopedic specialists focus on your specific orthopedic problems and consider them according to your individual overall constitution into a holistic counseling.

  • survey regarding to your current constellation of problems and orthopedic past events

  • orthopedic examination of the entire attachment apparatus and verification of muscle function (possibly with diagnostic radiology or ultrasound)

  • evaluation and interpretation of the collected findings and detailed individual advice

Dental care / dental prophylaxis

Dental treatment are offered by the dental office in the house. We can arrange an appointment after your check-up.

  • dental prophylaxis

  • acute treatments

  • bleaching

  • dentures

  • implantology

Computed tomography (CT)

  • bone densitometry

  • low dose CT of the lungs for the detection of small in normal radiograph not representable tumorous changes, especially pathological consequences of smoking

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

  • MRI of the head, including representation of the cerebral vessels

  • proof of intervertebral disc disease

  • joint diagnostics for the detection of wear and tear or injury consequences

Have our offers found your interest? Then talk to us! We gladly advise you.

Routine for the Basic Check-up

8:00 am welcome and introduction into the daily routine

8:30 am start of the first test block

10:00 am breakfast

10:30 am start of the second examination block

12:15 am final consultation with delivery of your findings report

13:15 am on request Lunch

You are welcome to arrive the day before.

After the medical check-up

Even after the cehck-up we are there for you. Should the need arise a schedule a follow-up PGD International is a strong partner at your side. Numerous medical specialists are with us under one roof.

Swiftly we organize appointments and also assist you in finding specialists for your individual examination or treatment.

You can not start early enough to stay healthy! To assist you we will be at your side as your personal medical adviser.

Application and cost

Registration and Information

For any queries regarding our medical check-up program, or complementary examinations specifically related to your problem constellation, we are happy to advise you in your native language. Just contact us via the contact button on top of the page or by clicking here.

After registration by telephone, you will promptly receive a written confirmation, which will inform you about the organizational and formal process.

Since we want to prepare for the examination process optimally, we ask you to let us know if want to register for any additional examinations.


The examinations under our medical check-up program are private medical services.

We encourage you to check with your insurance company or your employer in advance whether cost sharing or a refund is possible.

Special arrangements for companies

For companies that want to offer their employees a medical check-up, we are happy to provide a special arrangement.

Overnight stay at our Apartment Hotel

If you like to stay over-night at our apartment hotel, please arrange for it as part of your registration.

For all questions related to our check-up program, please contact the multilingual team of PGD International.