Wed, 09/21/2011

Libyan patient with severe gunshot wound treated in Berlin

Doctors at Martin Luther Hospital reconstructed parts of the patients face

Mohamed Z. (29) was seriously injured during the fighting in Libya. A shot in the face destroyed his lips, parts of the jaw and his nose. In Egypt doctors could save the mans life in an emergency surgery but with such severe disfigurements normal life is more or less impossible for the young man. At the moment he is fed by stomach tube since he is unable to chew or swallow. Also speaking is virtually impossible for him. A relief organization organized him to leave for Berlin. The need in Libya is very large. There are thousands injured who need urgent medical attention. Also, many children are among them. In Libya currently not even a reasonable first treatment is possible. So it was decided to help those first who were severely injured by facial injuries. The people with the relief organization taking care of Mohamed Z. are very pleased that Martin Luther Hospital immediately agreed to help him and give him a chance to life a normal life again. Dr. Dr. Johannes C. Bruck, chief physician at the Clinic for Aesthetic Surgery on MLK in Berlin, will operate Mohamed Z.. Dr. Bruck tells us: "The first OP is scheduled for a duration of about six hours. We will reconstruct the lips, nose and parts of the jaw, so that the timely rehabilitation of Patients is possible." Now he is in Berlin for about four weeks. Mohamed Z. is taken care by by the employees of PGD International, who are specialized in attending foreign patients. Our native-speaking service assistants help with translations, are available if the patients has the need to talk, look after the private needs of the severely injured patient and provide him with a little sense of home.

The costs of his treatment are borne by Martin Luther Hospital.