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Fri, 01/17/2014

Not Dieting But Change of Mind Will Lead to Healthy Lifestyle

Great! - That is just the news everybody loves to read: “Dieting makes you fatter” the British Guardian titled. Adapting this finding one does not have to even try to loose weight. And that right after the holidays when many people have the feeling that they have eaten too much during that time and now have the urgent desire to do something against it – like dieting! Which also means the article came just in time because now offers, tips, articles and posts (like this one) tackling the issue of dieting are springing up right and left. And I must say it was about time that someone speaks out against the dieting madness. Is dieting not just something which is used to correct mistakes in eating habits made earlier? Mistakes one is willing to repeat after fasting is over, so that nothing is won? Why not change ones behavior altogether and make dieting obsolete?

In the above mentioned review of the book “Why Diets Fail (Because You're Addicted to Sugar): Science Explains How to End Cravings, Lose Weight, and Get Healthy” by Nichole M. Avena, John R. Talbott, the reviewer Amy Fleming points out, that dieting schemes are not only a money scam but are considered by more and more of the public as ineffective. Therefore the book does not lay out the next foolproof dieting plan, but shows ways to alter ones eating habits step by step. Of which the first thing to do is, to get rid of sugar. Sugar is responsible for most weight problems, more than fat. The ironic thing is that most fat-free food one buys to help oneself not to put on more weight contains more sugar than food with normal fat because sugar (as fat) is a carrier of flavor. It is used to replace the fat with the effect that the food does not have substantial less calories. Sugar can even considered to be addictive. And because of it's capacity to carry flavor, sugar unfortunately is more or less in every processed food. To avoid it one has to cook oneself – end of story. But then you do not have to waive sugar at all. There is plenty of it in fruits and some in vegetables.

But getting fresh food and cooking it is a huge hurdle. In developed countries one can get everything everywhere but in general food is so cheap that it is easier to buy processed foods. Easy or cheap access to food does not equals healthy food. In poorer countries access to healthy food might be difficult. The sad thing is that there is enough food overall in the world to feed everyone. But 900 million people still don't have enough to eat, while 1 billion people are obese.

Thinking about this it is a disaster how people who have access to any food they want handle it and it proofs that a conscious use of food would change a lot to the good of everybody. But this, I am afraid, we will never see.