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Our comfort ward

We are very excited about the opening of our new comfort ward at the Martin-Luther-Krankenhaus. We are now not only able to offer our patients highly specialised doctors and medical treatments of the highest scientific standard, but also the chance to stay here in style.

A floor of luxurious architecture, colours, style, and organisation with the full comforts of a hotel awaits our patients on a space of 2300 m².  Patients with optional benefits, those with additional insurance, and direct payers can recover on the building's fifth floor in 31 single- and 5 double-bed rooms with breathtaking views of the Grunewald. Every climate-controlled, modern room is equipped with an exclusive shower including bathrobe and a selection of care products, comfortable beds, safe, a non-alcoholic minibar, outside blinds that can be controlled from the bed, floor-level windows, high-speed internet and flat-screen TVs, among other things. You can lock your rooms with an electronic access key.

Our service includes full, comprehensive care by a dedicated team who help unpack belongings or accompany patients to treatments; an extensive selection of healthy, balanced and appetising meals for every preference (vegan, vegetarian, diet or cultural requirements), fresh fruit every day, coffee and cake at midday, high-speed internet, Sky TV, free daily newspapers and magazines. Regain your health and enjoy the wonderful view of Berlin's Grunewald.

Along with our restaurant on the floor, our lounge also invites you to come in and relax; here you can receive guests, read, or watch television. Our comfort rooms at the end of the ward are also ideal for families, as there is a separate area with three rooms here as well.

You can learn more and see pictures on our homepage at

Please feel free to contact us with any questions. We will provide extensive advice and assistance.