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Wed, 08/29/2012

Outing to Water Show Aquanario

Anyone who works should celebrate together as well. This the team of PGD International took to its heart and went to see the show "Aquanario", Europe's biggest water spectacle. CEO Stephanie Wand (right) was joined by CFO Andreas Mörsberger and staff members (from the left) Nadya Chaabou, Ludmilla Khaertdinova and Soumeya Meraghni. At “Aquanario” 500,000 liters of water are being ejected from a 70-meter-wide basin into the air. At the ensuing 420-square-foot water screen images and scenes are projected. Laser, light, sound, fire and pyrotechnics come together with the element of water to connect art with spectacle. Before the show British singer Kim Wilde rocked the audience. "It was really a lot of fun" - all three ladies agreed. And even the only man in the party had a lot of fun on the trip: "The staff of PGD International are always friendly, enthusiastic and very hardworking. This is a wonderful opportunity to say thank you to them."