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Important visitor  and the Martin-Luther-Hospital: the Kenyan Health Minister Pacifica Kerubo Ony


Feeling comfortable and getting well again: International patients from all over the world are wa


Stress is a major cause for mental but also for physical illnesses. Stress is part of our daily lives. Per se stress is not always harmful. Stress also can have a motivating effect and in a time when men were still hunter-gatherers, stress was often enough life sustaining. Today, however, stress for most people has become a health-threatening condition which almost always is the fault of others and not the one of oneself although everyone is responsible for oneself to avoid stress.


When going to the gym to do some weights I always joke about going in the corner


Movement is a basic requirement for a healthy lifestyle. The more regular the better. The best is regular exercise. The simplest method is running, that why it is promoted over and over again – even by us. To start running you do not need that much. The most important and the largest financial items are good shoes. But models from last season you should get for around 50 to 60 euros. For pants and t-shirt old or cheaply bought clothes are sufficient – at least until you know whether you want to keep it up. The running track is already at your doorstep and with any luck, there's even a park or forest nearby.


If one is a little peeved or feels a strain or prick somewhere in the body, most people think: This will be over in no time! Hardly anyone runs to the doctor immediately and many avoid to go to see a doctor as long as possible to. Often enough, the discomfort disappears quickly, but what if not? Just because it takes time to make a doctor's appointment and you usually have to wait a few days until you get one, you should not wait until you fall over and possibly end up with irreparable damages.

Here are a few symptoms that you should take seriously:


Finally David Bowie is back to Berlin for a while where he lived from 1976 until 1978. Not in person unfortunately and not as a resident but with a startling exhibition about his person and his art, in which the curators are able to transcend the extraordinary artistic power of David Bowie, who influenced so many other artists, who, in his active carrier, was one of the most innovative and progressive rock stars whatsoever. “David Bowie is the soundtrack of our lives”, the director of the Victoria & Albert museum in London, Martin Roth, said during the press conference preceding the opening of the exhibition.


Common sense would clearly deny that alcohol and sports can go together. However, it is not unusual to have alcoholic beverages to fight thirst when one reaches the final beer garden at one's destination after a cycling or hiking tour. In Germany we have a beverage that is half beer and half lemonade that is honors this and is called 'Radler' which literally means 'Biker'. But a Radler is not the recommended beverage if you are thirsty – that is and will always be water!


When a heart attack occurs – like a heart attack – it is imperative to recognize the symptoms quickly and to call an ambulance immediately. The faster the doctor arrives, the more likely it is that drastic and irreversible damages can be prevented. So how do you recognize a stroke? Since it occurs suddenly and then disappears, you should take the symptoms very seriously indeed and not accept a "I am okay". A stroke is caused by narrowed blood vessels and affects people of all ages. In the elderly, however, it occurs more frequently. Risk factors favoring strokes, are obesity, diabetes, physical inactivity, high alcohol consumption, high blood pressure and elevated blood lipids. Does anyone have this predisposition, the suspicion that it is a stroke is extremely high if the person shows the following symptoms:


The best way to experience and get around in Berlin is by bike. The city has almost no hills, which makes it a cyclist's paradise in which plenty of bike tours are offered and bikes can be rented almost on any corner. Within the inner city a bike makes you more flexible and faster compared to public transportation and walking and it allows you to use paths in parks and short cuts unavailable for cars.


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