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So what is it with all this bohay about New Year's Resolutions?


An article with the title “Too tough to get sick: Why won't men go to the doctor?” left me pondering. I am also one of the guys who do not go to see a doctor. One, I consider myself very healthy and although I know a medical check up every other year is a good idea I do not do it. Why?


During the summer a huge exhibition was shown in Moscow depicting 1000 years of history, art and culture between Russians and Germans. Now this exhibition will be shown in Berlin from October 6 through to January 12, 2013.


Earlier this week I posted an


Anyone who works should celebrate together as well.


The hospitals of PGD are a melting pot.


As you know I love running. It gives you a clear head, it is the ideal balance to sitting at the desk and you can always do it when you feel like it.


Technology is one of the strongest partners of modern medicine. Many operations, cures or prostheses would not be possible without them.


An unfortunate but nevertheless interesting development is being described in this article which was published in the British newspaper The Guardian and which left me thinking.


Yes, I admit it! Guilty as charged. I have this fixation with running.


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