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Tue, 03/12/2013

PGD International Presented Itself at International Conference on Medical Tourism in Kiev

Medical tourism is one of the most promising and fastest growing industries, therefore, appropriate fairs are becoming increasingly attractive. For the first time PGD International presented itself in Kiev on the "International Conference on Medical Tourism", which was organized by the Ukrainian journal "Medical Tourism". 40 exhibitors from nine countries, including Israel, India, the United Arab Emirates, Switzerland, Slovenia and Poland met potentially new partners, including Ukrainian tour operators. Under the motto: developments and trends in medical tourism, medical companies, hospitals and spas presented themselves, their special offers and services in personal interviews and lectures for two days. PGD International was represented by Ludmilla Khaertdinova, head of the Russian office of the PGD International, and Dr. Jacob Fink, senior physician at Martin Luther Hospital's (MLK) Department of General, Vascular and Visceral Surgery. Both were born in Russia, speak Russian fluently, and were delighted at this unusual outing. Well prepared, with posters, a Russian-language PowerPoint presentation and a copy of our image trailer both arrived in good mood in the Ukrainian capital. "For me, the conference started with a shock: Although I was able to pre arrange a lot of personal appointments, and the hosts were very curious about us, our entire exhibition material got tied up in customs - these included pens, bags of sweets and attractive bottles with disinfectants, which we had specifically produced for the conference." Beside this little irritation everything was running smoothly. Dr. Fink could not only present the wide range of medical services PGD International offers in a lecture, but also in numerous discussions and one-to-one meetings. "It was fun and it was very successful for us. But it is still not easy to get connected within the Russian market," says Ludmilla Khaertdinova. "The conference was attended by high-ranking people. It was a classic B2B event that served its purpose fully. Attending the market was about meeting and communication, and we returned home to Berlin with many new contacts." And the promotional material? Ludmilla has not to worry about it. Ukrainian customs returned everything and so the promotional give-aways came in handy for the next exhibition: the world's leading travel trade show ITB, which was held from March 6 to 10. An account of this we will publish in our next Blogpost.