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Fri, 10/07/2011

The project "Kangaroo" connects volunteers with young families

So beautiful it is to raise a child - a baby suddenly changes the whole life. Spontaneous meetings with friends become scarce, quiet moments a rarity.

As a single mother Carola Stange knows that feeling. Two months ago a social worker told her of "Kangaroo", a project that brings volunteers as family helpers to single parents housholds.

"I was immediately excited by the concept," says the primary school teacher. She contacted the organization at its nearest office at Martin Luther Hospital where co-ordinator Franziska Emde provided a supervisor for her and daughter Namia-Franziska.

Since then Carola Stange gets support every Thursday. Then the volunteer plays for four hours with Namia-Franziska while her mother has some time for herself. "The caregiver relieves me a lot," says Carola Stange. "With her help, I can allow myself a break once a week and have a few hours just for me." The support is absolutely free. "Anyone can take advantage of this offer," says Franziska Emde. "There are no restrictions."

The volunteer will support Carola Stange and her daughter for another seven month. Then the scheduled service time ends. Nevertheless, the new mother hopes that she will continue to visit the family privately. "Finally she sees my daughter growing up," says Carola Stange. "We connected right from the beginning. I would like to maintain contact in any case."

Of course Kangaroo is permanently looking for volonteers. So if you know someone living in Berlin who might volonteer in this project, tell this person about it or if you live in Berlin yourself and want to know more, contact us or Franziska Emde at Martin Luther Hospital. Phone: 030 - 895 583 623