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A specialized, highly qualified and modern healthcare provider

Paul Gerhardt Diakonie is a major force in healthcare provision. Every year, some 165,000 patients are treated at the hospitals and outpatient rehabilitation centers operated by Paul Gerhardt Diakonie in Berlin and Saxony-Anhalt.

We also provide 614 care places for the elderly at a number of sites. Paul Gerhardt Diakonie is one of Berlin’s twenty largest employers with a staff of around 4,000.

With a well-established structure that ranges from high-quality general healthcare to specialist provision, the organization offers an excellent service to patients and those in need of care. Inpatient and outpatient treatment are fully linked at each site to ensure uniform and continuous provision.

Focus on quality in medicine and care

As a faith-based healthcare provider with a long tradition, Paul Gerhardt Diakonie is a charitable organization that devotes a large part of its income to investment in innovative medical technology, the modernization of hospital wards and the construction of new buildings at its various sites, as well as in training for its staff.

The quality of our hospitals and the other establishments that make up the organization is inspected at regular intervals by independent outside experts – and rated very highly, as can be seen from the quality certificates awarded by different medical associations and generalist inspection firms as well as from the quality marks granted by a number of health insurers reflecting a high level of patient satisfaction. Furthermore, high-quality patient care is always based on the skilled use of the latest medical devices – equipment that is needed to conduct highly specialized diagnostics and therapy.

Accordingly, a large proportion of the organization’s capital expenditure is directed towards medical technology. Efficient, strategic management at Paul Gerhardt Diakonie is ensured by implementing modern organizational structures. This also involves collaborating with other hospitals, physicians in private practice and outpatient care establishments.

Specialized centers

The principal medical fields and centres at the hospitals operated by Paul Gerhardt Diakonie combine expert knowledge with cutting-edge medical equipment and extremely high quality standards. This means that new scientific findings in the diagnostics and treatment of patients can quickly find their way into practice.