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Wed, 12/18/2013

A Strong Backbone is a Backbone for a Healthy Life

The spine is not called backbone for nothing. It holds and supports the whole body. So that it can do this successfully it needs strong muscles that keep it straight – that support it. Only if the upper body is upright, the internal organs are free from pressure. A stooped posture presses them together. This can lead to chronic health problems, especially together with obesity. The oxygen uptake is impaired and regular back pain in normal necessary activities can be developed such as walking, standing or carrying heavy loads.

The modern world holds plenty of pitfalls to sabotage a straight posture. It begins with the computer. If - like me – one can not blindly type with ten fingers, one always looks down at the keyboard while typing. Which is not a good idea. It is way better to sit with at the desk with a straight upper body and look at the computer monitor. However, for that the chair and desk must be adjusted so that you can sit straight and not bent forward with your upper body or head. In addition, the monitor should be mounted in a height that enabels your head to look straight ahead. If you do not need the computer a standing desk is a good alternative. Again, make sure that the panel adapts to the body and not vice versa.

Laptops, tablets and even mobile phones also lead to faulty posture. Something one hardly notices. But one always leans down to the device, rather than to position the device so that the back can just stay straight – just try it and while doing it observe how your back bends.

Bad posture is relatively easy to counteract by so setting up ones working place the way that it fits snugly to body, by standing or walking about 5 to 10 minutes per hour of sitting, by making pushups on a regular basis – they are the most effective single exercise for back, abdomen, chest and arms. Good for the back are running (again, while running most people tend to tilt their upper body forward, which is why you have to keep it upright consciously while running) or horse back riding because strong back muscles are necessary for the control of the horse, which build themselves over time.

On this webpage there are seven simple exercises to strengthen the back, which can be performed at home, at the gym, in the park or on the beach.