Mon, 11/21/2011

The surgeon, that follows new paths

As surgeon Jan Langrehr knows how important the tactile sense of one's own hand is. However, many interventions are increasingly minimally invasive, that means without the involvement of hands.

Instead, the surgeon makes a small incision through which the instruments and a camera are inserted. Even intestinal tumors can be removed this way. Three weeks ago at Waldkrankenhaus Hospital in Berlin Spandau, Jan Langrehr used a so-called GelPoint for the first time in Germany. The device inflates the colon and closes it at the same time, so that no air can escape and the instruments have enough moving space.

"The patient wanted to return home after three days," Langrehr tells who is Head of Surgery at Waldkrankenhaus Hospital as well as at Martin Luther Hospital (MLK). Both houses are specializing in treating tumors. In Spandau there is now a certified Oncology Centre. "My operations are a mix of long experience and a sense of courage to take extraordinary steps," says Jan Langrehr, who came to Berlin in 1982 from Bremen to study. Since 2007 he is chief physician at Waldkrankenhaus Hospital, since 2011 at MLK.