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Fri, 04/20/2012

Tips for taking up running

Yes, I admit it! Guilty as charged. I have this fixation with running. Well, it is only a small one, though. But, yes running is one of the best ways to do some sport without being put under pressure. It is not expensive. You can do it whenever you want to, almost wherever you want to and you can decide anytime you go out running for how long and you can do it on your own or with friends or family. And if you have a dog …, well. It is a sport one can easily start with and there is nothing much to know about it before you start it. Going running has the big benefit to be compatible with almost everything regarding your private and business life. It even can improve your general well-being apart from being good for your body strength and health. While running the body develops endorphins that have a positive effect. You just feel happier. After a stressful day at my desk I always yearn to get out running. One for the endorphins, but mainly to stretch my legs and to move. The body is not made just to rest. It wants something to do and running is one way to satisfy this need. Of course you can build something or do something in your garden as well.

It is never too late to start running – or walking if this suits one better. Kathy Martin for example did it and even won competitions. This is rare of course but taking part in competitions and excel in them is absolutely possible. You will wonder how fast one can develop a liking for running. First you start slow and a little bit unwillingly just because you read this, someone nagged you or you just had this voice in your head and after a while you discover that it suits you to go running regularly. Then you run longer courses and after a while you might think it would be fun to run in a competition just for the fun of it. Say 10 kilometers for the beginning and later 21 km which is the half-marathon distance and then the full marathon maybe.

Well, that is how I started running: out of an unclear feeling to do some workout. I did not want to go to a fitness center at that time because I did not want to spend any money. So I got some cheap running shoes and cotton trousers, used an old T-Shirt and started. After a while I had found my way and after a couple of years, being tired of running the same old circles in the park again and again I decided to take part in the Berlin Half-Marathon. You can read about it in earlier editions of this blog.

So, if you decide now to try running but want some tips how to prepare for it, read my blog or visit this website. If you want to take your running on another level, say to run the half-marathon distance as well, and need some support in it than join the PGD International challenge on It is a virtual community and it s free and you can join even if you do not want to run the half-marathon or the marathon or if you do not have a fancy smartphone which tracks your route and time. Once joined you can comment and tell your own stories and experiences about running.

The challenge is not to take place in an actual competition. It was only created to cheer and support you while you train to get beyond your boundaries by giving you a goal: to run the half-marathon distance yourself whenever, wherever you feel like it. And who knows? Maybe we will run the next Berlin Half-Marathon together. That would be fun.