Thu, 05/24/2012

Waldkrankenhaus Hospital Opens Centre for Plastic Surgery

The Waldkrankenhaus Hospital Spandau expands its treatment capacity with a private center for plastic surgery which is embedded in the Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology. The center opened in mid-April. Head of the Centre for Plastic-, Hand- and Micro-surgery is Dr. Goetz Habild who previously worked as a senior consultant at the BG Trauma Hospital Hamburg. His team of experts includes his wife, Dr. Susan Fenner who has been working at Waldkrankenhaus for years as a specialist in breast reconstruction.

Dr. Goetz Habild is no stranger to Paul Gerhardt Diakonie: "Even before, he had supported us with his expertise on very elaborate operations and even stood together with Dr. Fenner at the operating table. All the more we are delighted to welcome him now in his new role on a permanent basis in our house", says Managing Director Carsten Schaulinski. Before his time in Hamburg Dr. Habild already was senior consultant at Martin Luther Hospital, which also belongs to Paul Gerhardt Diakonie, as well as does PGD International, the international office of PGD.

Ranging from reconstruction to cosmetic surgery

The new center will cover the entire spectrum of plastic surgery from reconstructive surgery, as well as hand surgery or cosmetic surgery. For this special consultation rooms and operating capacities had been created. This means that patients with skin and soft tissue defects caused by accident or tumor can be provided for as well as burn victims, people with chronic wounds or paralyzed muscles, arthritis, disorders such as carpal tunnel syndrome or various malformations.

Waldkrankenhaus Hospital is expanding Hand Surgery

Given the great need Habild sees the focus of his work in reconstructive surgery and hand surgery. For this he and his team use most advanced and complex procedures such as a micro-surgery, meaning the surgeon works with visual aids and a high-magnification optical microscope. "Regarding breast reconstruction with autologous tissue or implants, we will continue the successful work, while at the same time we strengthen defect coverage and hand surgery," Habild explains. The background: In Berlin, there are only few departments that can offer hand surgery. The hand is extremely complex in terms of muscles, nerves and joints. For surgical interventions in addition to comprehensive knowledge a great deal of experience is required.

Besides family and work volunteer work is important Habild

When Habild is not in the operating room or cares for his young family, he is committed to the non-profit organization Interplast Germany. On several occasions during his vacation the doctor together with colleagues visited developing countries to operate people free of charge. Among other things, Interplast helps burn victims or children with cleft lip and cleft palate.

Professional career of Dr. Habild in brief:

1992-1999 studies at the Medical University of Hannover
1999-2004 BG Trauma Hospital Halle
2005-2007 Senior Consultant at Martin Luther Hospital, Berlin (Paul Gerhardt Diakonie/PGD)
2010-2012 Senior Consultant at the BG Trauma Hospital Hamburg
since April 2012: Director of the Center for Plastic, Hand and Microsurgery at Waldkrankenhaus Hospital Spandau, Berlin

The German press release can be found here.