пт, 09/16/2011

80 year anniversary of Martin Luther and Hubertus hospitals

The history of Paul Gerhardt Diakonie in Berlin started 80 years ago. Two years earlier an association was founded with the aim to establish hospitals to relieve the overcrowding in municipal hospitals in Berlin. In 1931 the Martin Luther Hospital opened as the first hospital of Paul Gerhard Diakonie.

In the same year Hubertus Hospital opened in a former sanatorium in Berlin-Schlachtensee. Only in 2009 the name of Paul Gerhardt Diakonie was adopted for the association that now runs seven hospitals and several health care facilities in Berlin and the surrounding state of Brandenburg.

This dual anniversary Paul Gerhardt Diakonie took as an occasion to tell the story of two hospitals from which PGD originated. The historian Clemens Tangerding has researched the two hospitals histories. Starting with low capacity utilization in the first year, overfilling during the war, the ambivalent attitude of the hospitals managements during the Nazi period, a dramatic staff shortage in the nursing department during the 60s and 70s, including the threat of the continued existence after the fall of the Berlin Wall: The history of our Hospitals were full of tests.

The development of the modern hospital system, the progress in medicine, the history of Berlin and the zeitgeist of the 20th Century – all this is reflected in the history of our first two hospitals as well. The Hubertus Hospital as well as the Martin Luther Hospital have always successfully developed, have made the right decisions and are now firmly established in the healthcare market in Berlin. And so we are celebrating the 80th Anniversary of two hospitals, whose history has been a success story and have made an important contribution to the development of hospitals in Berlin.

The story of a hospital reflects not only the passage of time - it is especially integral to the stories of people who have worked in and for the houses and who have come as patients and became friends. Not only for them we have written down the stories of Martin Luther Hospital and Hubertus Hospital.

Dr. Ulrich Metzmacher-Ritterspach

CEO, Paul Gerhardt Diakonie


here you find the links to the two publications about the histories of Martin Luther Hospital and Hubertus Hospital (in German) along with some pictures.