ср, 09/07/2011

The doctor for stress and stomach ache

Stomach rumbling and abdominal pain, an uncomfortable feeling of fullness or heartburn after meals - almost everyone knows something like this.

If the symptoms are frequent or very strong and affect the quality of life, doctors speak of an upset stomach or irritable colon. Hubert Mönnikes, Internist,, psychologist and head of internal medicine at Martin Luther Hospital, specializes in diseases of the digestive tract. With gastroscopy or colonoscopy he is looking for physical causes.

But the neurogastroenterologist may also help his patients if he does not find anything at first glance. "Often, stress is one reason for complaints," says Mönnikes. "Because it stress sets free hormones that affect the digestive system." Stress is a left-over from ancient times when one had to flee from danger and all power was sucked from the digestive tract. Today, this leads to trouble. Conversely, a physical illness, such as incontinence, can burden the psyche. In this case the treatment of the organs must be combined with psychotherapy.