чт, 11/28/2013

How To Avoid Colds

In the northern hemisphere autumn has arrived and with it cold and wet weather. The best conditions for sore throat, cough and runny nose. But not the cold and wet are responsible for these diseases. They only allow the virus to spread particularly well, because even in the tropics you can catch a cold.

Viruses spread in tiny droplets that become airborne with every sneeze. But they also adhere to objects and can be taken on by healthy people this way. These viruses are not as dangerous as a real influenza virus, because the human immune system has adapted well to them, but having a cold or cough is really annoying.

Now, if the immune system is not strong enough, viruses have an easy game to trigger a cold disease. However, if the immune system is strong, there is a good chance to stay healthy. But if caught a cold, there is no remedy against it. You have to wait until the body fought the virus off by itself. But that does not mean you can not support him doing so.

But first: how to avoid a cold best? The easiest way would be to steer clear of infected people, because the risk of infection is at its highest, where large numbers of people, such as public transport or offices, but that would mean not to leave the house, which is unrealistic. So it is better to strengthen your immune system. There are resources in the pharmacy that do that and also help when you already have a cold. But there are simple home remedies too. First a balanced and mineral- and vitamin-rich diet. Fruits and vegetables are the main suppliers here. Additionally, you can take supplements with zinc and the vitamins C and D. It is also important to make sure that the mucous membranes are kept sufficiently moist. If they are too dry, cracks form in which the virus can easily settle. This is achieved by a nasal spray and the fact that the apartment will be aired regularly to replace the air dried out by the heater or you have a humidifier installed. Also regular sauna visits are good preventive measures.

However, if you got a cold, you should avoid sauna visits. Otherwise, when having a cold, the same applies as for preventive measures: a balanced, mineral- and vitamin-rich diet and the intake of immune-enhancing agents. For coughs soft capsules help with essential oils as well as two to three liters of hot tea.

Also important in any respect: keep your head and neck always as warm as possible with a hat and scarf and: do not give up sports such as running in the fresh air! It strengthens the immune system too and dressed warmly, there is no argument against it.

Get safe and healthy through the winter and if you want to know more about the difference between viruses and bacteria (which do not cause colds, but can make matters worse), click here.