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The meniscus is the shock absorber between the articular surfaces of the upper and lower leg. The two crescent-shaped cartilage discs cushion and stabilize the joint movements. Everything about the meniscus knows Prof. Dr. Wolf Petersen, orthopedist and trauma surgeon from Martin Luther Hospital Berlin.


Cancer patients have many questions: have new drugs been developed? What side effects may they have? Does in chemotherapy really fall my hair out? Are there alternative therapies? Do they get along with high blood pressure?


In a long procedure a medical team of doctors and nurses were able to give the partly paralyzed Mahmoud back his mobility.


The Russian energy giant Gazprom wants to ascend as the largest corporation in the world. On the way up Gazproms executives shall have everything they need – good health included. To achieve this goal the Russians put on Berlin. Gazproms managers are being treated exclusively in a hospital in Grunewald.


We are pleased to introduce our new Department of Plastic and Hand Surgery at Elisabeth Hospital Berlin. Since July 1st, 2010 a highly specialized and experienced team of plastic surgeons offers all treatments in that field.


Is it now the sixth or the seventh time that his knee needs surgery? Larsen Buchmann is not quite sure. What is certain is that his knee is the body part he talks about pain. And that he is now to be operated in one location, which offers great promise: The Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology of the Martin Luther Hospital. Since 2010 it may call itself "Pain Free Clinic". After rigorous testing by TÜV Rheinland it got an official certificate which proves that everything will be done to fulfill this title.


Head physician of Waldkrankenhaus Berlin-Spandau will report on use of xenon at HAI 2011


How much a leg is worth? Andreas Wagner knows. For insurance companies the 58-year-old from Hanover assesses the value of homes, factories, airports and palaces. One leg is worth € 70.000, he says.


The human knee is a technical masterpiece, a highly complex rolling-sliding swivel-hinge! If only a small particle breaks, this means a great challenge for physicians. In the worst case the kenn must be replaced by an artificial joint.


The knee joint is held together by two cruciate ligaments. In sports injuries the anterior cruciate ligament often tears off. It consists of two bundles but normally only one is replaced in the operation.


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