вт, 10/04/2011

Breast Center at Martin Luther Hospital

Dear patients,

breast cancer remains one of the most common cancer in women - we're talking about 57 000 new cases in Germany annually.

Many women today are aware of health care and take regular preventive services seriously. Nevertheless it never can be ruled out that one is diagnosed with breast cancer. Fortunately the chances of recovering from breast cancer have improved: 75% of all affected are tumor-free after five years of treatment.

We want to help you on your way, take your fears and concerns seriously, help with diagnosis and treatment and accompany you medically and personally.

The Breast Center at Martin Luther Hospital offers all possibilities of modern diagnosis and therapy and offers up to date quality. We work interdisciplinary with specialists and are able to offer the entire spectrum of surgical procedures including breast reconstruction after partial or total amputation. If you notice a change in your breast or your gynecologist or radiologist find something visit us at our clinic.

The intensive collaboration between oncologists, radiologists, gynecologists, surgeons, pathologists, radiation oncologists and plastic surgeons allows for close coordination and optimal care. In regular tumor conferences we find an individual therapy for each patient.

We will stand at your side

kind regards

Dr. Michael Wolf

Head of Breast Center