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Especially good for the thyroid is supposedly salt that has been fortified with iodine. It is true that the thyroid needs iodine to function smoothly. But it is also in bread, milk products and fish. If you have a balanced diet, you do not need iodized salt.


Traditional home remedies are amongst the most effective health tips. Most of them help against colds, running noses, tensions or minor injuries. However, there are always health tips that just belong into the realm of legends. Almost all tips that have to do with enjoyment are part of this.

Up front is the popular digestif.


Feeling down and spiritless more often than you can afford or want to? If it is hard for you to get your work done because you just do not feel in the mood for it, probably something is stealing your motivation and power. For this there can be many reasons. To begin with, there might be too much what you have to do: take care of the children and the house besides having a job as well. This problem is quite complicated to solve because it requires other people to support you.


text by Martina Conradt

On 20 December 2013 Wasem only wanted to pursue his favorite pastime: to play football. A bit of normality in a country still struggling to come to terms with its most recent past. The eleven year old boy plays along with his friends on the football field of his sports club in Zawya while another boy from the neighborhood is wielding a weapon next to them. "Bang, bang, I'll shoot you down," he shouts. What was meant as fun between adolescence boys turned into a tragic accident in an instant, when the weapon unexpectedly fired a single shot and injured Wasem.


Winter always is a hard time for golfers even if they are willing to go to the course and play in windy and rainy conditions. But let's be honest: for most of us golf is a game we prefer to play on a dry, sunny and warm but not to warm day. Inasmuch winter does not leave us a lot of choices. We either have to travel to find more suitable courses, resort to indoor driving ranges or just practice certain swings and movements at home. The classic is elaborating the putting game during office hours with the help of a strip of carpet and a coffee mug laying on its side mimicking as the hole.


Today the Berlin International Film Festival starts its 64th edition. More then 400 films will be shown within 10 days. Most of them are shown as world premiers or for the very first time outside their country of origin. In the main section of the festival 23 movies from 21 countries are shown of which 18 have their world premiere in Berlin. Of the 23 movies 20 will compete for the Golden and Silver Bear-Awards. With more than half a million sold tickets per year the Berlinale is the biggest audience film festival of the world.


Sometimes one can really kick oneself for one's own stupidity.


Great! - That is just the news everybody loves to read: “Dieting makes you fatter” the British Guardian titled. Adapting this finding one does not have to even try to loose weight. And that right after the holidays when many people have the feeling that they have eaten too much during that time and now have the urgent desire to do something against it – like dieting! Which also means the article came just in time because now offers, tips, articles and posts (like this one) tackling the issue of dieting are springing up right and left. And I must say it was about time that someone speaks out against the dieting madness. Is dieting not just something which is used to correct mistakes in eating habits made earlier? Mistakes one is willing to repeat after fasting is over, so that nothing is won? Why not change ones behavior altogether and make dieting obsolete?


The spine is not called backbone for nothing. It holds and supports the whole body. So that it can do this successfully it needs strong muscles that keep it straight – that support it. Only if the upper body is upright, the internal organs are free from pressure. A stooped posture presses them together. This can lead to chronic health problems, especially together with obesity. The oxygen uptake is impaired and regular back pain in normal necessary activities can be developed such as walking, standing or carrying heavy loads.


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