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It is not unhealthy to just take a bite between meals. It should not only always be chocolate or sweets. After all, the definition of certain meals a day is an achievement of civilization and has no evolutionary reasons. On the contrary, it is even better to have several small than two big meals per day. But also here there are different theories.


Immortality – a centuries-old dream. Previously we had been looking for the fountain of youth in far away countries but today we strive to science. Today it is no longer about eternal life, today we strive for a life in physical and mental integrity. Science does not want to understand the aging process to stop it, but to be able to cure diseases, of which more and more people are affected in old age


In the northern hemisphere autumn has arrived and with it cold and wet weather. The best conditions for sore throat, cough and runny nose. But not the cold and wet are responsible for these diseases. They only allow the virus to spread particularly well, because even in the tropics you can catch a cold.


The exhibition "Vienna Berlin – The Art of Two Cities From Schiele to Grosz" at Berlinische Galerie is an impressive portrait of a time in two cities, but rather a testimony about how little difference about 100 years make when it comes to pleasure and (artistic) self-fulfilment.


Wouldn't it be a good idea to know what ailments are going to sneak up on you so that you can fight them off fast, successfully and without consequences to you health? Actually there is a possibility which is called medical check-up. And yes it takes some time and one has to think to make an appointment with the doctor and, and, and – and anyway everything is fine and probably will (we are thinking positively her, don't we?!).


A couple of days ago I found the magazine of my health insurance in the mailbox. I like to flip through it, because there are always valuable tips and suggestions to stay healthy or things one should pay attention to. One of those things I stumbled upon is a checklist for a visit at the doctor's office.


Uruk – the first Megacity. Founded some thousand years ago Uruk experienced its golden age around 5000 years ago which is now commemorated in an exhibition in the Museum of the Ancient Near East which is part of the renowned Pergamon Museum in Berlin until September 8, 2013.


The good thing about running is you can do it whenever and in the way you feel like it. The bad thing is it can become a lonely sport. But whether one is better off running on his own or in a group definitely is a question of needs. What are your needs when running, why do you do it?


Does anyone remember the Australian directors


Here we are again. Another reflection about running. In this blogpost I want to focus on preparing. Actually running is quite easy. You just don some sports clothing, lace up your shoes and go running. Basically there is nothing else to observe, except for how your body reacts. Then you have to react on that. That means: if your are sweating you have to drink to replace the lost water; if something hurts, change your running style or stop it altogether (and take the time that your body can adapt – if it looks serious, see a doctor). If you got sore muscles: congratulations, you did something right.


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