вс, 10/23/2011

Removal of dark circles and eye shadows

Dr. Dr. Johannes C. Bruck from Martin Luther Hospital in Berlin found a method to remove dark circles and eye shadows without major side effects.

The aesthetic plastic surgeon does this with a simple trick since eye shadows are not always the result of a long night. Often they come from the fact that the periosteum of the bone shines through bluish at the edge of the eye socket. Dr. Bruck has developed a particularly elegant solution: He makes a small incision on the lower lash line and pushes the perfused adipose tissue from the bags under his eyes just a bit upwards. So the yellow fat conceals the blue circles. Through the same cut the muscle that is responsible for deeper nasolabial folds can be tighten. Since the cut runs along the lower lash line, you virtually cannot see a scar later.