чт, 11/07/2013

Why and When to Have a Medical Check-Up

Wouldn't it be a good idea to know what ailments are going to sneak up on you so that you can fight them off fast, successfully and without consequences to you health? Actually there is a possibility which is called medical check-up. And yes it takes some time and one has to think to make an appointment with the doctor and, and, and – and anyway everything is fine and probably will (we are thinking positively her, don't we?!).

But then … there might be some predispositions in the family and it might be better to have a look whether one will be affected by it too in time to do something against it with as little medical intervention as possible. Just think about cars. They are subjected to regular inspection to prevent accidents and other unpleasant events.

There are a couple of check-ups that are recommended for certain ages. Here are the lists:

For women:

  • Early detection of cervical cancer – once a year from age 20 onwards
  • Early detection of breast cancer – once a year from age 30 onwards
  • Mammographie-Screening – every two years between 50 and 69

For men:

  • Early detection of prostate cancer – once a year from age 45 onwards

For both genders:

  • General check-up – every two years from age 35 onwards. The general check-up is used for early detection of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and kidney disease.
  • Early detection of skin cancer – every two years from age 35 onwards.
  • Early detection of colon cancer – once a year from age 50 onwards.

If you opt to have a medical check-up with us you can connect it with a visit of Berlin. Berlin is rich of museums, cultural events and it is one of the liveliest cities in the world. In a blog-post last year I gave an idea what Berlin has to offer. But revisit this blog regularly and you will find further suggestions of why Berlin always is a rich, welcoming travel destination.