Tue, 04/28/2015

Sore centre IWC in the Martin Luther's hospital successfully certified

In Martin Luther hospital patients with chronic wounds are treated successfully for many years. Now the interdisciplinary competence centre "Sore Center IWC" in the Martin Luther's hospital became successfully certified, under the direction of Prof. Dr. med. Markus Küntscher, head of department of the clinic for sculptural, aesthetic and hand surgery of the initiative chronic wound (IWC), witch is one of the leading specialty societies. With it patients have the security of regular external high-class controls and that the treatments correspond to the approved standard.

Chronic wounds often lead to massive everyday restrictions, dependence, pains or social exclusion. Often patients took a long way of grief before the treatment of wounds got started. The treatments in the sore centre ICW offer a broadly strategy from the local treatment of wounds, to the cause therapy up to surgical defect covers. In regular sore rounds an individual therapy draught is provided for every patient.

The sore centre is interdisciplinary examined to all clinics and the central sore management. In addition, the experts in the Martin Luther's hospital work closely with sanitary facilities, orthopaedics shoemaker, podiatrists, doctors and nutritional advisers. To allow an active cooperation of the therapy  trainings, nutrition consultations and nursing consultations are necessary to the affected persons and belong to the concept. In this way it helps to protect the therapy success in long term. Specific conductions in the ambulant area protect the care of the affected persons after the hospitalisation.